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Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Job Summary

Responsible for visiting doctors' offices, hospitals, clinics, pharmacists, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities with the goal of selling prescription drugs.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Liaise with healthcare professionals in order to sell them prescription drugs.
  • Work for drug companies to push a variety of different medications.
  • Distribute information about their companies' products to physicians, hospital nurses, and medical technicians.
  • Persuade doctors to prescribe the drug to patients.
  • Deliver market research to healthcare professionals.
  • Attempt to sell the newest products.
  • Implement knowledge of disease and pharmacology.
  • Answer questions about the drugs, their cost, and possible side effects.
  • Know which drugs will be of interest to doctors in different specialties.
  • Attempt to identify doctors who dispense the most prescriptions.
  • Host speaker programs for doctors to come in and discuss healthcare issues.
  • Discuss success stories surrounding the medication with doctors.
  • Monitor prescription data to see who is prescribing your medication.
  • Provide drug samples and literature.
  • Take sales orders.
  • Give presentations to doctors and staff.
  • Work with a sales team to develop strategies to approach potential customers and garner sales.
  • Cold-call doctors, pharmacists, and other medical staff to obtain appointment dates.
  • Stay up to date with the latest clinical data and pass this information on to healthcare professionals at presentations.
  • Keep informed about competitors' products.
  • Constantly be finding new contacts within the healthcare field.
  • Keep detailed records of all contacts, both potential and existing.
  • Maintain a computer database to record all sales.
  • Deliver sales reports to upper management and ensure quotas are met.