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Nuclear Reactor Operator

Job Summary

Responsible for operating the nuclear reactor at power plants. Conducts inspections, responds to incidents, and reads and adjusts gauges.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Operate nuclear reactors safely and efficiently at power plant.
  • Control and monitor boilers, adjust gauges, and analyze temperature readings.
  • Monitor turbines, generators, and auxiliary equipment in power-generating plants.
  • Regulate output from generators.
  • Communicate with dispatchers at distribution centers to match production with system the load.
  • Keep records of switching operations and loads on generators, lines, and transformers.
  • Report and address unusual incidents.
  • Perform equipment maintenance.
  • Control equipment that affects the power of the reactor in a nuclear power plant.
  • Anticipate changes in power needs caused by weather.
  • Handle reactor startups, routine procedures, control room coverage, shutdown operations, sample irradiations and packaging, decontamination, testing and calibration of equipment, and other assignments related to reactor operations.
  • Adhere to radiation protection measures.
  • Regulate flux level, reactor period, coolant temperature, and rate of power flow.
  • Conduct inspections.
  • Direct reactor operators.
  • Participate in preparation, transfer, loading, and unloading of nuclear fuel elements.