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Government Property Inspector/Investigator

Job Summary

Responsible for examining structures such as sewer systems, highways, roads, and dams to ensure they meet governmental codes and standards. Evaluates structures to determine if they are structurally sound or need renovations.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Examine structures to determine if they are up to governmental codes, standards, and requirements.
  • Ensure structures do not pose a hazard to the general public.
  • Ensure that products and structures meets contractual agreements and stipulations.
  • Make an initial inspection during the first phase of construction and follow up with further inspections throughout the construction project.
  • Inspect government-owned equipment and materials in the possession of private contractors.
  • Report violations to government agencies.
  • Interview plaintiffs, witnesses, or representatives of business or government to compile facts regarding alleged violations.
  • Prepare reports about investigations and procedures undertaken to correct violations.
  • Recommend legal or administrative action to protect government property.
  • Convene with legal authorities on violations.
  • Ensure companies and individuals hold licenses and permits required.
  • Collect and evaluate case evidence.
  • Testify in court or in administrative proceedings.
  • Submit samples of products to government laboratories for testing.
  • Ensure construction, alteration, or repair complies with building codes and ordinances, zoning regulations, and contract specifications.