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Job Summary

Responsible for creating faster, cheaper, and better solutions to technical problems. Designs, develops, and tests new products, makes recommendations to processes, evaluate overall effectiveness of a product's design, and oversee production.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Apply science and mathematics to create solutions for technical problems.
  • Develop new products and enhancements to processes.
  • Design and test components.
  • Integrate components to produce design.
  • Draft diagrams and blueprints of product.
  • Evaluate the product or design's effectiveness, cost, reliability, and safety.
  • Develop different products and processes such as chemicals, computers, power plants, helicopters, and jets, electrical systems, and toys.
  • Use computers to produce and analyze designs.
  • Supervise production in factories.
  • Determine the causes of a component's failure.
  • Test manufactured products to maintain quality.
  • Estimate time and cost to complete projects.
  • Oversee entire projects or completion of major components.
  • Generate specifications for parts.
  • Perform civil engineering duties for public works, buildings, sub-divisions, drainage, traffic, road, airport, tunnel, bridge, water supply, sewage, and environmental systems.
  • Perform chemical engineering duties for industries including food, pharmaceuticals, heat transfer and energy conversion, petrochemicals (chemicals made from petroleum or natural gas), or consumer products such as plastics, detergents, paint, and synthetic textiles.
  • Perform mechanical engineering duties dealing with mechanical devices, components, engines, transportation equipment, environmental control, materials handling, machine tools, robots, automated manufacturing equipment, and power producing machines such as internal combustion engines, steam and gas turbines, and jet and rocket engines.
  • Review and propose changes to engineering standards.