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Directory Assistance Operator

Job Summary

Responsible for assisting callers by making calls, placing a collect call, supplying phone numbers, or advising on the cost of a call.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide callers with customer service over the phone regarding placing collect calls, giving out phone numbers, and locating businesses.
  • Supply caller with cost of a phone call.
  • Run private branch exchange (PBX) switchboards for businesses and organizations.
  • Facilitate person-to-person calls.
  • Answer large volume of calls daily.
  • Plug in headphones when signal light flashes on cord switchboard, or push switch keys on cordless switchboard to make connections.
  • Provide excellent customer service.
  • Greet callers warmly.
  • Obtain information from caller.
  • Record details of each call.
  • Look up local or long-distance telephone numbers.
  • Use computerized alphabetical or geographical directories.
  • Provide reports as needed.
  • Interpret instructions on customer service procedures.
  • Scan directory or microfilm viewer to locate number.