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Construction & Building Inspector

Job Summary

Responsible for inspecting businesses, buildings, infrastructure such as highways and bridges, homes, dams, and sewer systems. Examines structures to ensure structures have been built in compliance with building codes and ordinances.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Inspect structures to ensure they are up to code and comply with ordinances.
  • Point out violations.
  • Ensure repairs or alterations are performed correctly.
  • Visit site during first phase of construction to make initial inspection.
  • Follow up with additional inspections during each phase.
  • Take careful notes on what is being erected.
  • Conform building complies with ICC codes.
  • Monitor compliance with additional safety regulations in areas vulnerable to natural disasters or bad weather.
  • Inspect structural quality and safety of building, taking into account steel and reinforced concrete structures.
  • Examine plans to ensure structure complies with building codes.
  • Inspect condition of the soil, depth of footings, and the pouring of foundation.
  • Make final visit and green-light building for occupancy or make list of alterations.
  • Examine building for fire safety.
  • Inspect electrical systems and equipment.
  • Examine sound and security systems, wiring, lighting, and generators.
  • Inspect wiring for air conditioning and heating systems and appliances.
  • Ensure foundation is not crumbling.
  • Assess the conditions of homes.
  • Report violations of building codes.
  • Inspect roofs and siding, garages, plumbing, and AC systems.