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Job Summary

Responsible for administering anesthesia to provide patients with relief from pain. Monitor patients before, during, and after surgery, develop anesthesia plans, and answer questions about the procedure.  

Primary Responsibilities

  • Administer anesthesia to numb or sedate patients who are about to undergo surgery.
  • Assess a patient's medical history and current condition to determine the best type of anesthesia to give them.
  • Watch over patients during surgery to ensure they remain safe and comfortable.
  • Respond to any changes in a patient's condition during or after surgery quickly.
  • Work with the recovery team so the patient wakes up safely and experiences minimal pain.
  • Consult with physicians and other healthcare professionals about the patient’s care.
  • Monitor the patient after surgery to determine when they have recovered from the anesthesia.
  • Educate patients and their families about the risks and benefits of anesthesia.